“Lettering is an art, as important to the graphic novel as the art and the script. Tone, positioning, colour all work in tandem to make pages pop. Bernardo knows how to bring these elements together and make the difficult look easy. His work on SAVAGE EMPIRE is nothing short of incredible, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a true lettering professional who respects both the craft and the schedule.”

- Timothy Lewinson, writer/publisher of “Savage Land”.

Savage Empire

Lettering sample from “Savage Empire”, a Canadian full-length graphic novel written by Timothy Lewinson & drawn by Jim Roy Jimemez, which was funded on Kickstarter and will be distributed worldwide on late 2016 by Likes to Fight, Inc.

Due the work-in-progess nature of the project, only one page for public viewing has been disclosed so far.

Comic Lettering
Likes to Fight, Inc.