Full name

Bernardo Brice


Comic Book Writer & Letterer


Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile


Bernardo is a comic book writer & letterer based in Santiago, Chile.

Lettering credits include "Aldous Spark: Meddler in History and Other Unsavory Affairs" created by Peter Mirani and Andrew Maxwell and published on May 2017 by Grenade Fight; "Justo: Una Espada contra el Imperio" (Justo: A Sword against the Empire), a Chilean graphic novel published by Amapola Editores on December 2015, and "Savage Empire", a Canadian graphic novel written by Tim Lewinson & drawn by Jim Roy Jimemez, which was funded on Kickstarter and will be distributed worldwide on 2017 by Likes to Fight, Inc.

To request an extended portfolio samples, please send an inquiry to berbrice[@]yahoo[.]com